Holiday Lighting Services in Calabasas

As the holiday season approaches, the city of Calabasas comes alive with festive lights and decorations. Whether you are a business owner wanting to attract holiday shoppers or a homeowner looking to spread some seasonal cheer, the Holiday lighting services Calabasas can help transform your space into a winter wonderland. This post will highlight three top holiday lighting services in the city.

Illuminated Concepts Inc.

Illuminated Concepts Inc. is a well-established lighting service in Calabasas, known for their artistic approach to holiday lighting. They work with both residential and commercial clients, creating custom designs that perfectly complement the architecture and landscape of each property. From classic white lights to colorful, themed displays, Illuminated Concepts Inc. prides itself on bringing holiday visions to life.

The Christmas Light Pros

The Christmas Light Pros are another excellent option for holiday lighting in Calabasas. They offer a comprehensive service, handling everything from design and installation to maintenance and storage. With over 20 years of experience, the team at The Christmas Light Pros has an impressive portfolio of festive displays, ranging from simple, elegant designs to elaborate, animated shows.

Mobile Illumination

Specializing in large-scale holiday lighting projects, Mobile Illumination is a go-to service for businesses and communities in Calabasas. They provide complete project management, which includes design, installation, maintenance, removal, and storage. What sets Mobile Illumination apart is their commitment to using energy-efficient LED lights, making them a more sustainable choice for large displays.


Whether you’re looking to light up a small home or a large business, the holiday lighting services in Calabasas can help make your property shine this season. Illuminated Concepts Inc., The Christmas Light Pros, and Mobile Illumination are all excellent choices, each offering a unique approach to holiday lighting. As the holidays approach, consider hiring one of these professionals to help your property stand out and spread holiday cheer.

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