Make Your Brand Distinctive with Custom Hexagon Boxes 

Custom Hexagon Boxes 

In a retail space full of rectangular prism packaging, custom hexagon boxes offer an eye-catching way for brands to uniquely showcase their products. The six-sided hexagonal shape immediately grabs customer attention while symbolizing balance, nature and order. For businesses looking to establish a distinctive brand identity, custom hexagon boxes help convey your originality.

Benefits of Hexagonal Packaging

Visual Impact

The unconventional hexagon shape provides geometric interest that pops on store shelves. When custom printed, hex boxes transform into artful displays that draw shoppers to your product. The memorable shape makes your packaging unmistakable.

Compact Structure

Hexagons tessellate together seamlessly, allowing efficient use of space. Their compact layered structure saves shelf footprint and materials compared to square boxes. This makes hexagon packaging an eco-friendly choice from vivid printing.

Brand Personality

A custom hex shape aligns well with brands focused on science, nature or balance. The orderly facets and angles communicate precision and care. Hex boxes allow brands to manifest their identity in packaging.

Customer Experience

Opening hex boxes provides a satisfying reveal as unique shapes unfold. The multisided canvas showcases products and graphics from all angles. Customers enjoy unpacking the geometric puzzle.

Materials and Printing


This versatile material bends well to form prismatic hexagon structures. Options like kraft, white and black provide design flexibility. Recycled paperboard is an eco-friendly option.

Digital Printing

Full color digital printing produces vibrant custom graphics affordably. Photographic images and lifestyle scenes make boxes engaging. Short run printing allows testing concepts.

Spot UV and Foil

These accents make key brand elements pop. Metallic foils add a luxurious touch. Spot UV over graphics creates shine to highlight logos or product photos.

Window Cutouts

Die-cut windows feature products without compromising branding space. Windows pique interest from multiple facets. Clear plastic prevents smudging of interior graphics.

Structural Design Elements

Folding Panels

Hex boxes fold up efficiently for compact transport. Custom printed panels create a captivating graphic story when fully unfolded. Consumers appreciate revealing packaging.

Interior Partitions

Partitions safely segment products or organize accessories. Hexagons stack perfectly when divided into triangles. Custom inserts prevent jostling of contents.

Closure Mechanisms

Magnets, tuck tabs and adhesives keep boxes securely closed. For easy reopening, add perforations, pull strips or touches like ribbon. Closures protect contents.

Decorative Details

Spot gloss, foiling and embossing refine box aesthetics. Deboss logos directly into paperboard. Edge painting and colored tissue paper interiors provide artful touches.


With their faceted uniqueness and geometric appeal, custom hexagon boxes enable brands to package products in artistically distinctive ways. When custom printed with care, hexagon packaging instantly grabs attention while reflecting a brand’s originality and vision. Use imaginative hex box designs to manifest your identity and make memorable impressions.

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