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Sandwich Panels: Their Features, Advantages, and Applications

A sandwich panel or a PIR panel is any structure made of three layers. It is called a sandwich panel for a reason. For example, PIR panels have a low-density core and a thin skin-layer. Sandwich panels are extensively used in applications where a combination of high structural rigidity and low weight is required.

The Structure of Sandwich Panels

A sandwich panel has unique structure. The sandwich panel is constructed by top cold chains in Pakistan and sandwich panel manufacturers. These engineers use coated fiberglass tissue with a PIR thermal board.

This PIR board is the main functional material that is covered on the surface of the external wall PIR insulation board. Moreover, the surface of this fiberglass tissue is also covered with the compound of different elements such as cement binder and stone powder.

The benefit of coating sandwich panels with fiberglass tissue is that it improves their strength. Moreover, when it comes to enhancing the power of the PIR insulation board, it is also improved.

The fiberglass coated becomes a shield. It protects the insulation board from water and enhances its waterproofing capabilities. This is a unique feature of a PIR panel that makes it the most important component of all safe buildings.

The coated tissue is covered with cement and stone powder as well. The two-face sheets are combined in a way to provide the maximum safety and security to buildings. Therefore, this concept or idea of using a thick layer for the core for face sheets works best for cold rooms and cold stores in Pakistan to ensure the safety of buildings.

Moreover, this type of construction also ensure that the panel is thick enough. The thickness also helps to improve its structural characteristics. For instance, it can enhance its capabilities like bending stiffness and helps to reduce the weight of the panel.

Technical Specifications of Sandwich Panels

Looking at the technical attributes, sandwich panels are also more suitable to meet the needs of cold chains in Pakistan.

  • The density of PIR panels is 60kg/m3.
  • Their thermal conductivity is kept low up to 0.022 W/m∙K.
  • They are also resistant to passage of water vapors.
  • They are non–deleterious materials.
  • They are created or manufactured with ozone-friendly cyclopentane blowing agents.
  • They also do not contain Asbestos-Dimensional stability that is often kept below 1 %.

Applications of PIR Sandwich Panels

  • They are significantly used in flat and pitched roofs; ideal for building safe roofs for cold rooms.
  • Ideal materials for making cold rooms’ floors in Pakistan and worldwide
  • Best suited to meet the needs of cold chains in Pakistan when it comes to the insulation of walls
  • They also ensure cavity insulation
  • The light technology that makes it a popular one to make the core and skin materials in any building. 

Leading Sandwich Panel Manufacturers in Pakistan

There are a few cold chain manufacturers in Pakistan who have created a reputation for being innovators in this PIR panel technology. No wonder Izhar Steel (Pvt) Ltd. is the only PIR panel manufacturing company in Pakistan that aims to provide design and ensure that installation of Ozone-friendly & PIR Insulation Boards in all regions of the country to meet the needs of many businesses can clients.

Izhar Group is serving the needs of various industries in all major cities such as Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. The construction and installation of PIR Insulation Boards is an innovative and creative example by Izhar Steel in Pakistan. Like we said, remains the ONLY company with a revolutionary development mindset in Pakistan. This means the aim of this best cold chain manufacturer in Pakistan is to transform the construction standards and take them to the next level.

Advantages of PIR Insulation Panels

There are many benefits of PIR insulation panels or sandwich panels in cold rooms in Pakistan. Their installation is necessary in cold chains in Pakistan because they are remarkably durable insulation material.

Stop Microbial Growth

They are made from the material that helps to resist mold and the growth and spread of microorganisms. This means that PIR panels are made in a manner that they save buildings of prefabricated houses.

They are installed in prefabricated house because they will not rot, sag or decay. This means this is the biggest benefit of using sandwich panels in cold stores in Pakistan. There is no need to replace PIR panels for years to come in prefabricated houses.

Long-Term Thermal Performance

Moreover, sandwich panels also help to maintain a long-term thermal performance in cold stores. In many fruit and meat cold chains in Pakistan, this also reduces CO2 emissions and is therefore highly efficient.

Moreover, cold stores that are utilizing this technology need not to worry about any fire regulation complaints. Let us discuss that benefit a bit more.

Fire Regulation Compliant

Another greatest and top advantages of PIR panels or sandwich panels insulation is that it complies with a range of fire regulations. For example, with these insulation materials installed in cold rooms, they meet Class B regulations and slows the spread of flames.

Conclusive Words

Using sandwich panels and PIR panel products in cold chains and cold stores in Pakistan help building owners and manufacturers to release the worry of fire regulations and achieve approval with insurance industry standards. It saves their building from fires and other such hazards, as well as providing them good thermal performance while stopping any microbial growth.

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