The Benefits of Leased Lines for Small Businesses


If you’re looking for a fast, reliable internet connection for your business then leased lines are an excellent choice. They provide an uncontended connection, symmetrical upload and download speeds, low latency and scalability making them perfect for meeting the needs of your business today and in the future.

Leased Lines are direct connections to the internet backbone, providing a dedicated internet service for your business that’s not shared with any other users. This gives your business a fast, stable connection that’s ideal for delivering bandwidth-intensive services such as offsite data backup, voice over IP (VoIP) conference calls and video conferencing.

As businesses rely more and more on the internet, it’s important to choose an internet connection that’s fast, reliable and scalable. For many businesses, a leased line will be the best option for getting the high-speed internet they need to stay competitive and meet their customer’s expectations.

A leased line is a dedicated, uncontended connection to the internet that offers symmetrical upload and download speeds. This is in contrast to traditional asymmetrical broadband, like ADSL, which tends to see slower upload speeds than download speeds.

Leased lines are available from most broadband providers and come in a range of speed options from 10Mbps all the way up to 1Gbps. They’re a great alternative to fibre broadband, which is generally considered the best business internet connectivity option for most small businesses.

As well as the faster internet speed, a leased line is also much more reliable than other types of business broadband. While you should expect a certain amount of downtime, the reliability of a leased line means that it’s unlikely to go down for long periods of time, unlike some other business broadband options.

With the right leased line provider, you’ll enjoy an SLA that guarantees performance monitoring and troubleshooting. This will give you peace of mind that your leased line will be working reliably, no matter how many devices are connected to it or how busy the internet is.

While leased lines may be more expensive than other types of broadband, they’re still a good option for most small businesses. The cost of a leased line is often much lower than the costs of running a private circuit on site, so it can actually be cheaper than paying for an expensive private fibre broadband connection.

TalkTalk is one of the leading leased line providers in the UK and has some of the cheapest prices for entry-level EoFTTC leased lines. It’s also gained a reputation for its helpful, obliging customer support, which is a must-have when choosing a business leased line. With a slew of bundled add-ons to make the most of your leased line, it’s worth considering TalkTalk as your provider of choice. To get started, find a quote with TalkTalk here. Alternatively, use our simple comparison tool to compare a selection of leased line providers. It takes just a few minutes to do and could help you save money on your leased line.

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