Trekking with a View: Sunrise and Sunset Spots in Nepal

Nepal is a country nestled in between the mighty Himalayas, offering numerous opportunities for nature and adventure lovers. Also regarded as a treasure for outdoor enthusiasts around the globe, Nepal is home to eight of the tallest peaks.

With its towering peaks, lush valleys, and diverse culture, Nepal offers several trekking trails from short leisurely journeys to long challenging adventures in the lap of the Himalayas. One of the most magical moments during a trek in Nepal is witnessing the awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset views from various vantage points. The moment of witnessing the first ray of sun hit the mighty mountains is truly unexplainable. 

The beauty of the Himalayan landscapes combined with the vibrant colors painting the sky creates an enchanting atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on trekkers. There can be no other best destination than Nepal if you are into chasing sunrise and sunset. As the first rays of sunlight go through the peaks casting a golden glow that brightens the surrounding valleys and glaciers. The tranquility of the mountains is boosted during sunrise, as nature wakes up and fills the air with a sense of serenity. Likewise, as the sun bids farewell and paints the sky with hues of orange, pink, and purple, the mountains seem mystifying creating a scene that words can hardly describe.

Here, we will explore some of the best trekking trails in Nepal that offer breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. These trails take you through diverse landscapes, lush forests, and vibrant villages and allow you to witness the magical sunrise and sunset over the Himalayas. From the famous vantage point of the Annapurna region, Poon Hill to the lesser-known Pikey Peak Trek in the Everest region of Nepal, there is a lot to explore which offers stunning views of dusk and dawn. 

Whether you are a professional photographer, a nature lover, or a traveler, all the trekking trails of Nepal offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, grab your backpack and get ready to embark on a journey to trek with a view as you explore the majestic Himalayas. 

Some of the best trekking trails for Sunrise and Sunset views 

Nepal boasts a collection of trekking trails that offer captivating sunrise and sunset views. Whether it is the Annapurna region, the Everest region, or the hills around Kathmandu Valley, each trekking trail offers a unique experience. Here we have listed five of the best trekking trails in Nepal for Sunrise and Sunset views. 

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Another trekking trail you can choose to enjoy the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset is the Annapurna base Camp. Along with being one of the best destinations to witness the mountains up close while traversing through the diverse landscape, the Annapurna Base camp trek also offers magnificent sights of sunrise and sunset. 

Especially, the sight of the first ray of the sun hitting the giant peaks of the Annapurna range is truly out of this world. The trek offers you once in a lifetime opportunity to stand at the base camp just beneath the giant mountains while witnessing the sun setting off and coming up. 

Poon Hill Trek

Poon Hill is known as one of the best viewpoints of the Annapurna region to get the majestic sunrise and sunset view. The renowned vantage point offers sunrise views over the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. 

Poon Hill is also one of the most preferred trekking trails by most trekkers because of its short duration and magnificent views. 

The trail starts from Nayapul and takes you through beautiful rhododendron forests, charming villages, and terraced fields. You will spend the night in Ghorepani, which is a village beneath the viewpoint before heading to witness the sunrise view. The golden rays lighting the snow-capped peaks create a breathtaking wonder and the view from Poon Hill is truly majestic. s


If you do not have much time on your hands and want to go for a day or two trips while also getting the breathtaking sunrise and sunset views, Nagarkot is the perfect destination. 

Nagarkot is just a short drive away from Kathmandu, which is a popular hill station known for its stunning sunrise and sunset views. The hike to Nagarkot offers a pleasant escape from bustling city life. You can either make a day trip to Nagarkot or spend a night and return the next day. What makes this destination ideal is that the vehicle goes up to the viewpoint without you having to walk. 

As you reach the viewpoint, you will be greeted by a mesmerizing panorama of the Himalayan range, including Mount Everest, Langtang, and Ganesh Himal. The first ray of the sun hitting those snow-filled mountains creates an even more serene atmosphere. 

Pikey Peak Trek

Pikey Peak is a less-known and explored trekking trail situated in the lower Everest region of Nepal. For those seeking a unique trekking experience with stunning sunrise views of Mount Everest, the Pikey Peak Trek is an excellent choice.

This off-the-beaten-path trek takes you through the lower Everest region, offering breathtaking vistas of the Himalayas. The trek can be completed in around a week and the sunrise view from Pikey Peak is simply awe-inspiring, as the first rays of sunlight touch the towering peak of Mount Everest. Furthermore, pikey peak was said to be the favorite spot for sunrise of Edmund Hillary, who was one of the men along with Tenzin Norgay Sherpa to conquer Mount Everest. 


Situated near the panoramic city of Pokhara, Sarangkot is renowned for its panoramic views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. Similar to Nagarkot, Sarangkot can be reached by a few hours of drive from Pokhara. 

Sarangkot takes you through terraced fields, charming villages, and scenic views of the city. As the sun rises or sets, the entire landscape along with giant peaks above and vibrant city underneath is soaked in warm golden light, creating a captivating scenery. The view from Sarangkot is a true treat for the eyes.

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