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Creating Prosperity: Items to Avoid in Your Kitchen for Better Finances

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and its energy can significantly impact your financial well-being.

In this article, we’ll share the common items you should avoid keeping in your kitchen to enhance your financial prosperity. These simple adjustments can help create positive vibes in your home. If you’re seeking personalized guidance on optimizing your kitchen for financial abundance, consider an online Vastu consultation with experienced Vastu experts.

1. Broken or Chipped Dishes – Symbol of Wealth Drain

Cracked or damaged dishes and utensils should be removed from your kitchen. In Vastu, these items are believed to symbolize a drain on your wealth. Using such items may affect your financial stability. Replace them with whole and unblemished crockery to invite prosperity.

2. Empty Containers – A Sign of Scarcity

Empty jars, containers, or tins in your kitchen represent a lack of abundance. Vastu advises against keeping empty vessels as they can create an energy of scarcity in your home. Ensure all your containers hold something, even if it’s just grains or spices, to attract positive financial energy.

3. Dust and Clutter – Blocking Prosperity

A cluttered and dusty kitchen can obstruct the flow of positive energy and finances. It’s essential to keep your kitchen clean and organized. Regularly declutter countertops and shelves to create a welcoming environment for financial well-being.

4. Stale or Expired Food – Stagnant Energy

Stale and expired food items can emit negative energy in your kitchen. Vastu recommends regularly checking your pantry and refrigerator for items past their expiration dates. Remove them promptly to prevent stagnant energy that may impact your finances.

5. Leaky Faucets – Dripping Wealth

A leaking faucet not only wastes water but also symbolizes financial loss in Vastu. The constant drip of water represents a continuous outflow of wealth. Fixing leaky faucets is essential to prevent this energy drain.

6. Burnt or Overcooked Food – Sign of Wasted Opportunities

In Vastu, overcooked or burnt food is seen as a symbol of wasted opportunities. It’s advisable not to consume such food, as it may invite financial setbacks. Instead, practice mindful cooking and avoid overcooking your meals.

7. Dead or Dying Plants – Negative Energy

Plants in your kitchen can bring positive energy, but dead or dying plants have the opposite effect. They can create negative energy and affect your financial stability. Ensure your kitchen plants are healthy and vibrant.

8. Cluttered Refrigerator Door – Chaos in Finances

A cluttered refrigerator door with old bills, receipts, and magnets can lead to chaos in your financial life. Vastu suggests keeping the fridge door clean and free from excessive papers. This simple change can promote financial order and harmony.

9. Damaged Appliances – Hindered Prosperity

Non-functioning or damaged kitchen appliances may obstruct the flow of prosperity. Ensure your appliances are in good working condition, as Vastu views them as contributors to financial well-being.

10. Untidy Kitchen Shelves – Disrupted Finances

Disorganized and messy kitchen shelves can disrupt the harmony of your finances. Vastu recommends keeping your kitchen storage areas tidy and well-arranged. An organized kitchen promotes order in your financial matters.


Your kitchen plays a vital role in shaping your financial well-being, and the items within it can influence the energy of abundance. By avoiding broken dishes, empty containers, clutter, and other negative elements, you can create a positive atmosphere that attracts prosperity. For personalized Vastu guidance on optimizing your kitchen for financial abundance, consider an online Vastu consultation with experienced Vastu experts. They can offer tailored advice to enhance the positive energy in your home and help you on your journey to financial prosperity.



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