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Ebooks Vs. Printed Books: Which One To Choose

People frequently debate whether eBooks are better than traditional printed books, especially in today’s world, where technological advancement is at its peak. According to experts, even though eBooks have grown in popularity and people enjoy reading many online sci-fi eBooks, they have yet to replace conventional books.

Reading books online no doubt has the advantage of being easy to obtain and read on devices, yet some people find reading on screens a bit difficult.

So the primary question is, which one should you pick? In this article, we will look at the distinctions between both types, as well as the key reasons why individuals choose one over the other. Let’s dive in!


One of the primary reasons why eBooks are so popular, and many people like to read online sci-fi ebooks, is because of their portability. These books, unlike traditional books, are incredibly light and do not weigh much. You can have a large number of books on a single device. Isn’t that a fantastic thing?

It’s also very much easy to access and read your books any day and time. If you have a good internet connection, you can get any book you desire in minutes. If your device is sufficiently charged, you can carry your eBooks and read them while moving.

You can only bring and carry a  few printed books with you. The good news is that these printed ones do not require power, so you do not need to worry about keeping them charged.


Have you ever seen an eBook being out of stock? Well, that does not happen and is very rare! You also do not have to wait after purchasing them. You get to access it immediately and without waiting a more extended period. Having said that, when it comes to printed books, it can take a long time from the moment you order a book online to the time it arrives at your door, and you can finally read it.

When you purchase online sci-fi eBooks, you can begin reading them immediately. You can also print out these books if you want a physical copy. It’s significantly quicker and more manageable than waiting for a regular book.

Amazing & Effective Features

People who like regular books claim they are easier to use. You can mark pages by folding the corners, underlining meaningful sentences, or making notes. And it’s easy to stay on track because the pages are always the same.

Some believe holding a book and turning the pages with your hands provides a pleasant reading experience.

But guess what? Because of technology, eBooks have some fascinating features as well. These books, like regular ones, provide bookmarks, highlights, and notes. Some even include a built-in dictionary, allowing you to search for complex terms without losing attention. Don’t forget about the search option, which allows you to find a specific word or phrase inside a huge eBook. These fantastic features make these books ideal for today’s fast-paced world.

So, whether you choose to feel the pages or use your smartphone, both sorts of books have their unique features. It’s all about what makes reading enjoyable and easier for you!

Helps In Learning

In some cases, eBooks can be pretty beneficial for learning. These books, for example, can help people who can’t see well or have difficulty reading due to dyslexia. They can make the words bigger and adjust how they appear on the screen to make reading easier. They also function nicely with audio. Most eBooks can read the words aloud, allowing you to listen to and understand the book while doing other activities.

However, not everyone is technologically savvy. Some people may find these books confusing and prefer printed ones since they are simpler. This is especially true for older people. Even young people might be distracted by links and advertisements in eBooks, making it difficult for them to focus and study.

Ease Of Customization

Regular books always appear the same, whereas eBooks may be customized to look however you like. You can modify the text size and how they are spaced on the page. You can also change the width and height of the page.

In some of the books online, you can even change the style and the color of the words instead of sticking with the standard design. One of the main reasons eBooks are becoming so popular is their flexibility and ease of Customization.

Impact On Environment

On the face of it, eBooks appear to be better for the environment than traditional books. But, upon closer inspection, things become more complicated. Whether eBooks or conventional books are better for the environment, it depends on how you read.

Devices for eBooks consume a lot of resources to make, and for that reason, it is better for the environment if you read a lot. And these devices are difficult to recycle as well.

To help the environment, if you like real books, you can buy used ones or borrow them from the library. When regular books become obsolete, they can be recycled. It ultimately comes down to what works best for you and the world.

Pressure On Eyes

Reading eBooks for an extended period might create eye strain since screens can be taxing on the eyes.

Even if the screen doesn’t shine brightly, you should take frequent breaks when reading on it. After a while of reading, your eyes may become fatigued.

However, this is not an issue with regular books. You can read them as much as possible if the lighting is enough. It is easier on the eyes than on screens.

Ease Of Sharing

Regular books are easier to share with family and friends.

After you’ve finished reading, give them the book to read. Some people even sell or give away completed books to help others read. This means that more individuals can enjoy a single book.

However, most eBooks purchased online can only be used by one individual. As a result, you may find it challenging to share your favorite ones with your loved ones.

Overall Cost

Online sci-fi eBooks are mostly less expensive than regular books because they do not need to be printed. If you prefer to buy books rather than borrow them, eBooks can help you save money.

People who utilize specific eBook devices can also find many free books online. However, to read all of these, you must first get a suitable device. It is like an initial investment to get started with digital reading. 

Final Thoughts

In the grand scheme of things, both eBooks and physical books have advantages and disadvantages. While eBooks provide increased convenience in various ways, the final decision on which option to choose is ultimately determined by individual preferences.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer; it is all about what works best for you. There is no denying that accepting the digital environment may bring up new areas of reading enjoyment that you had not considered before. The choice is yours, whether you prefer the tactile sensation of a printed page or the portability and interactive features of eBooks. As technology advances and reading habits change, the eBook vs. printed book debate will continue to be a personal one, led by your own reading preferences and comfort.

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