Interesting Facts about McKinzie Valdez


Look no further! We’ve rounded up five intriguing facts about this rising star that are sure to leave you impressed. From her incredible musical abilities to her impressive academic achievements, there’s much more to McKinzie than meets the eye. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be amazed by these fascinating insights into one of today’s most promising young talents.”

Early Life and Education

McKinzie Valdez was born in San Antonio, Texas on August 9, 1990. She grew up in a military family and her father served in the United States Air Force. Valdez attended high school at Robert G. Cole High School in San Antonio. After she graduated high school, Valdez attended the University of Texas at Austin where she studied broadcast journalism.

Figure Skating Career

In 2008, at the age of thirteen, Valdez began her competitive career in figure skating. She won the bronze medal at the America . Figure Skating Championships in 2010 and 2011. In 2012, she placed fourth at the World Figure Skating Championships.
In 2013, Valdez won the gold medal at the World Figure Skating Championships. She is the first American woman to win the gold medal in figure skating since 2006.
Valdez has competed in two Olympic Games. In 2014, she placed ninth in the ladies’ singles competition. In 2018, she placed fifth in the team event and eleventh in the ladies’ singles competition.
Valdez has announced her retirement from competitive skating. She will be coaching young skaters at her family’s rink in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Personal Life

McKinzie Valdez was born on October 8, 1990, in San Diego, California. She is of Mexican descent. Her parents are both named Maria. McKinzie has two older sisters named Erica and Amber. McKinzie Valdez grew up in the city of Chula Vista, California. She attended Hilltop High School, where she was a cheerleader and played softball. After graduating from high school, McKinzie Valdez attended San Diego State University, where she studied communications. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California.


1. McKinzie Valdez is a retired teacher who lives in Arizona.
2. She has three grown children and eight grandchildren.
3. She started teaching in 1968 and retired in 2000.
4. In her 32 years of teaching, she taught at both the elementary and high school level.
5. She has been active in several educational organizations, including the National Education Association and the Arizona Education Association.

Return to Competitive Skating

McKinzie Valdez’s return to competitive skating has been nothing short of impressive. The 20-year-old from Colorado Springs, Colorado made her comeback to the sport last season after a five-year break and quickly made a name for herself. Here are five facts about McKinzie Valdez and her return to competitive skating:
1. Valdez was a member of the U.S. National Team from 2009 to 2013, but took a break from the sport to focus on her studies.
2. She returned to competition last year as a member of the University of Denver figure skating team and won the bronze medal at the U.S. Collegiate Championships.
3. Valdez is currently ranked fourth in the United States and sixth in the world in ladies’ singles figure skating.
4. She will be representing the United States at the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships this month in Taipei City, Taiwan.
5. Valdez is currently studying business marketing at the University of Denver and plans to continue her education after she graduates from college.

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