Timeshare Compliance: What We Have Found About It Might Surprise You?

Timeshare Compliance: What We Have Found About It Might Surprise You?

Sometimes things don’t work as planned. You bought a timeshare for a regular vacation place but wanted to leave it because of its high rising annual maintenance fee. Timeshare is a shady industry; you want to avoid trusting any salesperson but end up signing a timeshare deal with them.  

So, to leave these timeshare liabilities, you’ll end up finding some trustworthy timeshare exit companies like Timeshare Compliance. This post will teach you more about Timeshare Compliance Reviews and whether the company suits your timeshare exit.  

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Timeshare Compliance Reviews 

Timeshare Compliance is a legitimate timeshare exit company based in Aliso Viejo, California. The company has been working in this business since 2012 and is able to help all the timeshare owners. The company has its presence on every third-party review site and has impressive reviews and ratings on it. The company’s positive reviews encourage owners to come forward for the timeshare cancellation. But the company has some negative reviews for their customer service and spam messages.  

Besides these positive online reviews, here are some impressive ratings of the company on Trustpilot, Yelp, Google, and Better Business Bureau. Timeshare Compliance has been accredited with BBB since 2012 and graded A+ with BBB. Over the Trustpilot, the company is rated 4.5 stars based on the reviews given by past clients. On Google, it is rated 4.1 stars based on 93 previous customer reviews. 

Pros of Timeshare Compliance 

The timeshare exit company has many pros based on Timeshare Compliance reviews given by previous clients. These pros benefit every timeshare owner who wants to exit the timeshare contract. 

Here is the list of pros of the company: 

  • Professional attorneys 
  • Escrow payment option 
  • Best customer service 
  • Available on weekends 
  • Fee calculator 

Professional attorneys 

The best part about the company is that it uses legal and professional attorneys in timeshare exit. Various timeshare exit companies will state they can help you in exiting your timeshare agreement. But if you’ll sign a legally binding document, then the only choice left is the legit one. The company’s staff is highly professional; once you sign a deal, they’ll quickly start the termination procedure legally and permanently. 

Escrow payment option 

Terminating the timeshare with the escrow payment option is the most legitimate way to exit the timeshare contract. Escrow means the company will not get the full refund until it completely eliminates the timeshare contract. So, instead of selecting the company that charges a high upfront fee, you can choose the companies that offer an escrow payment option. 

Best customer service and consultation 

Timeshare Compliance is the best timeshare cancellation company that offers a free consultation to evaluate the timeshare owner’s situation. Also, to decide whether they can cancel the timeshare within the given time or not. Moreover, the company’s customer service is also very excellent; the staff is highly reputable and helps and guides the client in timeshare exit. 

Available on weekends 

One more unique feature about the company is that it is available on weekends, which means it provides 24/7 service to its clients. The company has hardworking employees who work on exiting the timeshare in the given time. 

Fee calculator 

Another best feature of the company is that it offers a maintenance fee calculator to its clients. The fee calculator assists you in maintaining tabs on the changes to your overall creditworthiness during the termination of the timeshare exit process. This calculator gives you a good insight into the total expenditure of the timeshare exit process. 


In conclusion, you can understand the company’s legitimacy by checking the Timeshare Compliance Reviews. The company is the best and offers many unique features, including a professional attorney, the best customer service, an escrow option, and many more. 

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